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Here is your chance to get introduced to the world of PaddleFit and it's traning program through our fun and challenging fitness class. We will give you a taste of the many benefits of training on the water that includes balance, endurance, strength and focus. Now is the time to start on your path to get on the water and achieve your training goals. Class is designed to be accomodating of all skill levels.


Already tried SUP? If you’re looking for great physical fitness, through strength exercises, while enjoying the waters of the Delaware River, our professional instructor will take you through a rigorous but fun workout.   We will teach you paddling techniques that will help you develop your core strength and endurance. It's the perfect course if your goal involves weight loss, muscle tone or conditioning your body.  Our sessions include private and group sessions.


Package of 5


Join us for this fun filled tour of self discovery. Experience the Delaware River. Perfect for families or individuals. Kids and Adults will Love it alike! We encourage you to bring friends. let us take care of all the gear and join us on the water many times over the summer!

Smithfield Beach to Shawnee Inn

Smithfield to Kittatiny Launch

Transportation and Equipment provided. Bring water bottle, sunscreen, water shoes, towel, sunglasses (croakies recommended).


The Board is your Mat and the River your Studio - Enjoy the serenity of the Delaware River and find your balance on the water. (Stand-Up Paddleboard) SUP yoga is a playful practice that takes basic yoga postures to a new level.
Because the poses are being performed on a moving surface, you will be engaging muscles you would not normally use, increasing core strength and stability.

For all levels; no yoga or SUP experience necessary. Classes are 75 minutes long, including a lesson on paddling techniques, proper form, and water safety.

Wear loose comfortable clothing; bathing suits optional. Bring river shoes or flip-flops, a bottle of water, and a towel

Yoga SUP Pricing
75 min

Class times:
June 25, July 16 and Aug. 6
@ 10:00 AM


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